for CodeSlayer 4.3.0

API Reference
CodeSlayerAbstractPane — The abstract pane for the side and bottom pane.
CodeSlayerApplication — Represents the main application.
CodeSlayerBottomPane — The bottom pane.
CodeSlayerCompletionProposal — A proposal for the completion window.
CodeSlayerCompletionProvider — Create proposals for the completion window.
CodeSlayerCompletion — The completion window.
CodeSlayerDocumentLinker — Used to link to documents.
CodeSlayerDocument — Represents the source file to create the source view.
CodeSlayerDocumentSearch — Used to search for documents.
CodeSlayerDocumentSearchDialog — Used to search for documents.
CodeSlayerEngine — Central delegation class.
CodeSlayerListView — The generic list widget used throughout CodeSlayer.
CodeSlayerMenuBarFile — The file menu.
CodeSlayerMenuBarHelp — The help menu.
CodeSlayerMenuBarProjects — The projects menu.
CodeSlayerMenuBarSearch — The search menu.
CodeSlayerMenuBarTools — The tools menu.
CodeSlayerMenuBarView — The view menu.
CodeSlayerMenuBar — The application menu.
CodeSlayerMenuItem — The menu item.
CodeSlayerNotebookPage — Contains the source view and document.
CodeSlayerNotebookPane — Container for the notebook and inline search.
CodeSlayerSearch — The notebook inline search.
CodeSlayerNotebookTab — The notebook page label.
CodeSlayerNotebook — Contains the pages.
CodeSlayerPlugin — Represents the plugin.
CodeSlayerPluginsSelector — The tools plugins.
CodeSlayerPlugins — The plugins container.
CodeSlayerPreferencesEditor — The preferences editor tab.
CodeSlayerPreferencesListView — Common list view widget for the preferences.
CodeSlayerPreferencesMisc — The preferences misc tab.
CodeSlayerPreferencesProjects — The preferences projects tab.
CodeSlayerPreferencesTheme — The preferences theme tab.
CodeSlayerPreferences — The profile preferences.
CodeSlayerProfile — Contains the projects.
CodeSlayerProfilesManager — The profiles.
CodeSlayerProfiles — Contains the projects.
CodeSlayerProjectProperties — The project properties.
CodeSlayerProject — Contains the documents.
CodeSlayerProjectsSearch — The global search page.
CodeSlayerProjectsSelection — Represents the nodes selected in the projects tree.
CodeSlayerProjects — The tree view that contains the projects.
CodeSlayerRegexView — The view that contains the additional regular expression tools.
CodeSlayerRegistry — The application properties.
CodeSlayerSidePane — The left hand side pane.
CodeSlayerSourceView — The view to edit a document.
CodeSlayerWindow — Contains the pages.
CodeSlayer — The plugins context.
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